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Vantage Search Marketing January Recap

January’s done its thing and now we’re in February, but let us not forget about the memories of January, lest they fall away into the void of time. We’re back with social media goodness, but first we’d like to redirect you to the new wall decal above; isn’t it pretty?


Man testing and reporting like a boss in PPC

PPC Advertising: How to Test Like a Boss

Our PPC fundamentals series continues, and this post will teach you the testing tricks and trades that’ll elevate you to the top spot. Are you ready to be the big guy or gal in pay per click testing? Grab your fanciest formal wear and light that cigar, because you’re becoming a testing boss:

These substantial increases decrease the cost per acquisition by 50%, allowing the business to obtain significantly more leads and sales for the same amount that they were spending prior to the tests.

Staying on track in PPC advertising

Staying on Track: Reporting in PPC

Reporting is exciting, fast, and fun as the hero image above would have you believe. We’re here to lay down the fundamentals of successful reporting. Keep your PPC on track by making sure that results are being recorded and analyzed. We follow these pay per click reporting tenets:

  • Scheduled
  • Understandable
  • Transparent
  • Responsive

Make sure you do too by reading the post.

The data an account accumulates has a story to tell, it is our job to tell that story for the client so that they can make educated business decisions.



Tension between agencies and brands in PPC?

What is this pay per click feud? Does it exist? We’d like to think that we keep things cohesive, but this article suggests some issues.


facebook ads for ppc advertising

We’re Hopeful!

Cannes has created an award for the more technical side of digital advertising, and we think our pay per click expertise might just be able to make it into the nominations (one day). Read about the new category here.



What makes Paid Search Sexy?

We’d like to think it’s the gorgeous guys and gals behind the scenes, but this article also suggests that it might be the technical feats that give your advertising dollars measurable power. It’s probably both, learn more about it by reading our share.



Keep your AdWords Healthy

A certified search engine land PPC doctor offers 11 steps for healthy AdWords living — get your paid search nutrition and read this guide.

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