The Vantage Buzz – September 2023


Happy Fall! With the arrival of this season comes the swift reality that the 2023 holiday season will be upon us in a flash. First up on the holiday season calendar… Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Doing the prep for a sale ad campaign is just as (if not more) important as the ad campaign creation process itself. Here are a few questions to ask, that can help with your ad prep…

• Does the landing page you want to use for the sale have all the accurate details about the promo you’ll be running?
• Will the sale be using auto-applied discounts, or does the customer need a discount code?
• Do you have sale specific creative (ie: images/video)?
• What is the budget you’re looking to spend for the duration of the sale?
• What is your target audience for the sale?
• What is your performance goal… do you have a particular target return on ad spend or cost per acquisition for the sale?
• Did you run a similar sale the year prior? And if so, are your goals the same?

Doing the prep in a timely manner and having all the necessary creative material ready to go, at least a few days prior to the sale launch date, is so crucial. This is because ad networks, such as Meta Ads, take at least 24 hours to approve the ad. It also gives you time to ensure everything is in place to get the most ROI on your ad campaign.

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Did you know, according to Google, 21% of consumers complete their seasonal gift purchases by mid-October? This is because major retailers start rolling out their Black Friday sales as early as September. Do you have your Black Friday / Cyber Monday campaign strategy ready to go?

We have noticed that our clients are running their BFCM promos over longer durations, as well as starting them earlier than they used to. No matter what your business model, this guide on creating a successful 2023 holiday season SEO strategy, can greatly help the performance of your digital advertising efforts.

Also, how can your brand conquer the Google search universe? Sending the correct signals to Google within your site content, still remains of the highest importance. Here are some SEO content strategies to consider in order to boost your brands’ online visibility.


The advanced capabilities of Apple’s latest iOS system, iOS 17, allows you to create dynamic 3D objects. This is a fantastic addition to your Shopify store, as it gives your online customers an elevated shopping experience, showcasing products in the same way you would in-person.

Could this be something that allows you to stand apart from your competitors during this coming holiday season? HERE’S an article with step by step, user-friendly instructions on how to use the Shopify apps’ new 3D scanner.

Is it time to market to your Gen Z customers? The highest percentage of TikTok users are Gen Zers, ages 18-24. They are often dismissed and not taken seriously. And we can all relate to this attitude towards young adults, as we were all there once upon a time. However, this is a generation unlike any other…

They’re the first generation of “digital natives”, never knowing a world without the internet. They are intelligent and are confident users of technology. Most don’t remember an age without smartphones.

Also, research performed in 2022 estimated that the disposable income of Gen Zers was more than double what was estimated three years earlier. When considering TikTok for your business’ marketing strategy, also remember that Gen Z is known as the generation that cares. They are socially conscious, hyper-aware of green issues, and expect the brands they engage with to be as well.

Here are some essential TikTok statistics from Shopify, which will help with your marketing efforts.

General Intrigue:

Well, it’s that time of year where kiddos go back to school. Did you know that in some parts of Canada there’s competition between school boards, and in northeastern Ontario alone, over $1M a year is spent on marketing? Check out THIS article to learn more.