The Vantage Buzz – September 2019


We’ve just released a mini-guide on social media comment etiquette for your brand. Brush up!

We’d also like to forewarn our clients and friends that Steve’s partner, Jordana, is away for work for two weeks this month, enjoying the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. So, if he’s a bit slower than usual, it’s because he’s experiencing the substantial work that single parenthood involves!

Rest assured, the team is still fully operational, working away on new projects for the rest of the year, including the holiday season.

And here’s your monthly ad-vantage reading:


4 concise strategies for maintaining and keeping your relationships with your top customers. 


We’re getting closer and closer to the infamous holiday marketing season. Are you ready? This playbook from Google might just inspire you to plan some awesome campaigns and kick your storefront into gear.

And General Intrigue:

A how to on giving feedback that encourages change. Looks like it starts off with knowing how someone likes to receive feedback, a preference that could be discovered via a survey given post-employment, or even on a regular basis. But if that’s not feasible or too late for whatever case, there’s a lot more on how to get your feedback across effectively within the article.