The Vantage Buzz – October 2019


We hope you’re having a happy and perhaps spooky October. We’re currently busy with a plethora of fall and holiday season projects as well as Q4 and next-year analysis.

We do want to reiterate that now’s your last chance to effectively plan Black Friday and other holiday promotions. Let us know if you’d like to work on campaign strategy for these crucial ecommerce dates sooner rather than later!

Your monthly ad-vantage reading below:


Data-driven sales team decisions sound good to you? Sure does to us. Here’s a thorough write-up on spreading positive sales knowledge efficiently through your team. Further, it shows how non-analytical sales teams fall behind those that measure true drivers of success.


We gave you the Google holiday playbook last month. Maybe we should have started with this playbook on why Google Ads work for Ecommerce.

And General Intrigue:

You may get the gist of it, but what the heck is a tracking pixel anyway? May be a useful article to share with anyone you’ve tried to explain it to as well like a boss, friend, partner, precocious child, etc.