The Vantage Buzz – May 2023


In May we celebrated mom, and according to one of the largest online flower delivery services, UrbanStems, it recorded its highest day for revenue… EVER this month. Find out what types of website optimizations the company performed, which can be attributed to its incredibly successful month HERE. There might be some key takeaways you can use for your next promo!

Your monthly ad-Vantage reading below:


Here’s a recap of Google’s annual Marketing Live 2023 event, which covered new features and insights.

How well do you know your business’ audience? HERE are ways to get to know your audience better to improve your marketing strategy.


Do you need a refresher on social media marketing for your small business? Here’s a comprehensive guide.

Learn how the YouTube algorithm works in 2023 for your channel. It might just give you insights into what makes engaging ads on the network as well.

And General Intrigue:

Humorous marketing can be successful, but when you “break TikTok” due to one overwhelmingly effective idea, is it just a one-hit wonder? Find out more HERE on how Clancy’s Auto Body became a TikTok sensation in just over a week.