The Vantage Buzz – May 2020


Crazy times continue as the world responds to COVID-19 in various ways. Some places are considering or phasing into re-openings like here in Vancouver. We continue to work hard on accounts as current events continue to affect our clients in unique ways as more customers are online than ever before for many products.

If you have any concerns on how the outbreak is impacting your PPC accounts, please reach out to us.

Your monthly advantage reading below:


If B2B sales have slowed down or if things are getting overwhelming on the data side if they’ve sped up, now may be a good time to review and improve your customer data cleaning processes.


Shopify’s fast checkout app, Shop Pay, has produced some impressive results. While this is an internal study by Shopify, it still demonstrates the value of creating as seamless a checkout experience as possible for your customers, especially when more and more of them are shopping online.

And General Intrigue:

7 strategies for keeping your team engaged while working remotely.

“People like to be part of something big and they shouldn’t lose that motivation or mentality just because they can’t set foot in the office or be around their coworkers. We could all use a helping hand right now even if it’s something as simple as sharing all of the cutest photos of your pets. Actually, can we go ahead and start doing that now? That’d be great, thanks.”