The Vantage Buzz – May 2019


May’s brought a lot of sun to Vancouver and we’re not complaining. It’s also brought the annual Google marketing live event.

We’ve got links to a couple of the shiny new features revealed by the advertising giant below, but you can register and gain access to the material yourself here.


ou just might be able to justify getting nothing done. “Niksen,” the Dutch word for idleness or doing nothing, can be adopted as a policy for boosting creativity and problem-solving capacity. So, next time your higher-ups or lower-downs look at you funny for getting nothing done, send them this article from the New York Times.


Google’s focus seemed to be e-commerce at the event as it announced a revamped shopping experience, a new discovery campaign format, and gallery ads, which all contribute to providing a wider reach for and more exposure to your products

And General Intrigue:

Ecommerce-y as well, but cool for everyone: soon you’ll be able to take a look at a product’s dimensions from the comfort of your living room with Google augmented reality in search.

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