The Vantage Buzz – March 2024

Happy Spring!

According to the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), 75% of Canadians express a greater willingness to share their personal data with businesses for marketing purposes when there’s transparency regarding data usage and the ability to adjust preferences over time.

Additionally, the association discovered that consumers are significantly less worried about having their information used for ads and offers targeted to them by a business than having their data stolen or misused by bad actors. HERE’S more on this topic.

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An SEO audit of your website can help determine what keywords to focus on with your digital marketing strategy. And, a thorough audit of your Google Ads campaigns (for example) can lead to assisting with your SEO strategy.

As we enter a new season, are you making arrangements to do a little Spring cleaning for your website?

Why conduct an SEO audit?

  • Improve rankings on various search engines
  • Maximize your marketing efforts
  • Determine what informative content works and where the gaps are
  • Gives you an opportunity to further align your content with your ideal customer

Not sure how to get started? Shopify breaks down how to run an SEO audit for your website in THIS article.

To achieve optimal performance, AI depends on reliable and top-notch data. This is the perfect time to tidy up and enhance your databases, ensuring they’re ready to maximize the potential of forthcoming AI tools available to you!

Not only when it comes to preparing to leverage new AI tools, but ad agencies also rely on dependable, high-quality data from our client’s CRM platforms to use for successful marketing initiatives.

As an ad agency, we use the accurate data from your CRM platform for effective retargeting campaigns, as well as to ensure the conversions being generated from our efforts are relevant to your business.

Is your data ‘AI ready’? HERE are some tips to get you started.


What makes a great Shopify store? Do you need some inspiration to creating your eCommerce website or are you due to for a refresh of your current online store?

Shopify has shared more than 50 inspiring stores to get those creative juices flowing! Check out the link in THIS post.

What makes a great eCommerce store?

  • High-quality product and lifestyle images
  • User friendly and visually appealing design (make sure it’s mobile and desktop friendly)
  • Clear, concise and transparent text (less fluff, more to-the-point…shoppers have a LOT to choose from out there)
  • An easy way for shoppers to make a purchase
  • Leverage eCommerce tools
  • Tell YOUR story

If you’re using AI, or plan to, make sure to have ‘my customers always come first’ in the back of your mind. Whenever interacting with potential (or even returning) customers, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask…

  • Can I trust what this company is telling me about their product?
  • Is this company genuine? Do they care about me?
  • Will I be able to easily connect with a real person from this company if I need to?
  • Are the company’s intensions being displayed clearly and consistently across all of their networks (ie: ads, social media, website)?

THIS is a great article on how to earn and protect your customer’s trust if you choose to use AI.

General Intrigue:

Are you a MEMEr? If you get a kick out of memes, you’ll love THESE Easter themed ones. We hope you’re having a great long weekend!