The Vantage Buzz – June 2024


Happy summer! With July just around the corner, brands with Amazon stores are gearing up for the 10th Prime Day event (July 16-17). “In fact, over the course of last year, Amazon customers saved nearly $24 billion from deals and coupons—with Prime members enjoying the vast majority of those savings—including over $2.5 billion during Prime Day 2023,” said Jamil Ghani, vice president of Amazon Prime.

It’s crucial for brands to not only concentrate on the event dates but also to focus on the periods leading up to and following the event. Building brand awareness ahead of time and retargeting interested customers after Prime Day is essential for staying competitive.

Did you know that more than 200 million paid Prime members around the world enjoy access to Amazon’s enormous selection, exceptional value, and fast delivery? So, here’s to a successful Prime Day to all our clients who participate!

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RCS (rich communication services) is coming to an iPhone near you! Apple has announced they are adding RCS to their Messages app as part of iOS 18 come the Fall in the US. Currently, the format is supported by Android only, which hasn’t really been enough for marketers to get excited just yet.

What does this mean for marketers once Apple gets on board with RCS? SMS mobile campaigns will no longer just be confined to a dry text. RCS users will have the ability to share high-quality GIFs, videos, and other interactive elements directly within a text message and marketers will be able to incorporate logos and design elements to create a distinct, branded appearance for these messages.

Just some actions marketers will be able to take with RCS campaigns:

  • Suggested auto-replies – replaces the the user having to physically type in a response
  • Suggested actions – opens up a map or website to engage with, or gives the option to call to speak with someone directly at the business
  • Ask for the user’s location – will recommend an action in the user’s physical area
  • Carousel – offers five or more options users can swipe through
  • Collect analytics
  • Send personalized messages and videos
  • A/B test – different elements used in an RCS message
  • Two-way conversations with generative AI – similar to a chatbot experience


We can’t stress enough how an inactive social media account can harm your e-commerce business. Trust is a crucial factor for customers when shopping online. They need to believe that your brand is legitimate, see that it’s up-to-date, and witness your business ‘in action’ through social media posts that highlight your brand’s transparency and unique voice.

If you’re not doing this, then there’s another competitive brand that is… and they’ll get the sale. So, how do you market your business on social media in 2024? Because the average person spends more than 2 hours a day on social media, HERE are 15 strategies to achieve your business goals on social media platforms!

When it comes to your online store’s visitors, it’s about quality, not quantity. It’s crucial to build your buyer’s persona, and when creating your marketing strategy, have them in mind at all times. If you’re ambiguous when it comes to your target audience and cast too wide of a net, conversion rates suffer.

So, how can you draw in customers to your online store who are ready to make a purchase because they ARE your target audience? Here’s a great article from Shopify!

Data suggests that online shoppers are holding on to make that big purchase until later in the year. There still is that price conscious shopper who ‘window shops’ up until Q4, when they eventually pull the trigger during sale season. What does this mean for e-Commerce businesses? NOW is the time to push brand awareness to your top of funnel audience. You need to be top of mind when a customer is ready to make a purchase down the road.

Also, according to Caila Schwartz, director of consumer insights and strategy for retail and consumer goods at Salesforce, “One of the top factors driving decision-making is whether a consumer can earn and redeem loyalty points. That’s a value play for this price-conscious shopper today.”

Driving e-Commerce purchase decision making these days requires brands to be seen frequently when someone is in the market for your product (Google search results, social media ads, etc.). It’s also critical for shoppers to feel a sense of trust and transparency with your brand and a consistent message being conveyed across all marketing platforms. Learn more HERE on why consumers are waiting until later in the year to save their big shopping moments.

General Intrigue:

The 2024 Paris Olympics in July will be the first time fans will fill Olympic stadiums since the COVID-19 pandemic. 🤔 What kind of interest are advertisers showing in broadcasters like NBC? Find out HERE.