The Vantage Buzz – June 2020


Happy June. We hope you’ve benefited from some of the crazy online volume we’ve seen due to most people being at home during the ongoing pandemic. A lot of places are looking at new phases to try and return to a “new normal,” but online shopping and traffic in general may continue to grow rapidly as more and more businesses adopt remote policies for both their employees and customers.

Your monthly advantage reading below:


The office environment has likely changed forever. A small, but indicative survey of SaaStr users found that 77% of them would have new working arrangements, whether that be remote or a hybrid of a traditional office and remote working. Further, the article highlights how many large companies are transitioning as well, including Slack, Twitter, Square, and Shopify.


May’s ecommerce results outpaced the holiday season of 2019, emphasizing just how many people turn to online shopping during COVID-19. The implication for the future is that a lot more consumers may be more willing and attracted to shopping online than before.

And General Intrigue:

Actionable ways to drive diversity and equity in your marketing organization. Thorough article on initiatives and training that can help.