The Vantage Buzz – June 2019


We’ve got an unofficial secret to share with you this month: Google’s default ad type is changing to Responsive Search Ads in July. There’s been no official announcement, so don’t sue us if this isn’t the whole truth, but a little bird told us that this is where Google’s moving for ad types. In light of this, we’ve been busy accommodating the change for all of our clients’ accounts this month.

We did, however, put aside time to share some worthwhile links with you below.


Is the future of work remote? The CEO of SureSwift Capital, Kevin McArdle, sure thinks so. Here’s the case he lays out. While remote work may not be the perfect solution to some situations, McArdle outlines a lot of benefits from savings to better talent.


9 methods for delivering customer appreciation in a meaningful way courtesy of the Shopify blog. There’s a lot of overlap with a customer loyalty program, but some of these can be implemented more easily and on a customer-by-customer basis.

Also: the Prime Day date has been leaked for a second time, so it’s definitely more than likely starting on Monday, July 15th. Is your brand ready?

And General Intrigue:

The most important trends on the internet as reported by the longtime chronicler Mary Meeker have been revealed. From internet use and online shopping to privacy, Meeker dives into it in a 333-page report. Conveniently, Recode has pulled some of the most notable stats as well as a link to the report right here.

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