The Vantage Buzz – July 2023


As we approach August, we get reminded that September and back-to-school/Labour Day is right around the corner. We’re starting to plan with our clients on how to best transition from the slower Summer months into the next season, and we ask the question… do you have a social media marketing strategy?

As brands continue to ride the wave of social media marketing, a large percentage of marketers say they’re confident their efforts deliver a positive return on investment for their business.

Customers still rely on a consistent and confident organic presence from their favourite brands on networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. When a brand isn’t active on social media, customers can take that as a red flag that something is awry with the business.

So when we take it a step further, creating a social media marketing strategy (as outlined in this Shopify article) will show tangible results related to your business goals.

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The era of AI is here and it’s here to stay. So, how can we make it work for us? In order to build trust with your customers and to have them see you as a trusted expert in your industry, a blog on your website can be very valuable.

Sometimes it can be difficult to turn a blog/article idea into a concise, useful written piece to establish your business as a respected and trustworthy leader in your industry.

Google has a new experimental tool, their AI notebook, NotebookLM, which may help you in the near future. “The tool functions like a virtual research assistant, capable of summarizing facts, elucidating complex ideas, and brainstorming new connections based on the sources provided by the user.”


If a client offers free shipping for their customers, we want to know. It’s always something we highlight in our ad campaigns. Yes, free shipping can increase sales, however, there are different ways to offer it. HERE’S a guide to how you can be strategic with the type of free shipping you use, in order to make it work for your business.

Earlier this month, Meta introduced their new app, Threads, a conversation-based app nearly identical to the format of Twitter. Although Threads was quickly called the fastest growing app in history, it remains to be seen whether interest will be sustained in the long run.

What we do know, according to our sources at Meta, is that it’s suspected in approximately 6 months’ time Threads will start serving paid ads on its platform. Getting in on the ground floor of a new social and marketing network can be beneficial for brands, whether you’re new to the scene or established in your industry.

General Intrigue:
What ever happened to Jell-O? And will it make a comeback? Well, it would seem that they just rebranded for the 1st time in a decade!