The Vantage Buzz – July 2019


Happy July! We hope Prime Day went well for all of our fellow Amazonians. Also, an update on the responsive search ad warning we gave last month: they weren’t made the default in July, but they will be at some point in the future. Apparently, there was enough pushback from advertisers to keep Google from making the switch so quickly.

And here’s your monthly ad-vantage reading:


Do you feel fatigued by a million marketing options pulling you every each way? Here’s a guide on committing to the fundamentals and simplifying what you need to prioritize: How to Focus When You’re Overwhelmed by Marketing Options.


We’ve been talking about this one a lot at the office and we tend to agree that customer retention is just as important as new customer acquisition, if not more so, for any modern ecommerce businesses hoping to remain competitive.

And General Intrigue:

It’s big, it’s important, it’s the attention economy we participate in. Nielsen’s broken it down so you know exactly what the attention economy entails and how to start thinking about where you and the business you own or work for fits into it.