The Vantage Buzz – January 2024


How are you doing so far this New Year? A refreshing new year might be just the right time to ensure your brand is consistent and clear wherever it’s seen, from your website to product labeling to paid advertising.

We encourage our clients to be consistent with their physical branding and messaging, which will be translated to customers as being confident and concise. This is a BIG part of building trust with your customers and therefore setting yourself up for a better chance at generating repeat purchases.

Do you need some help defining or redefining your brand? Shopify just released a great article on how to create a brand guideline for your business. This resource becomes the hub for your team members to use, as a comprehensive set of brand guidelines as well as a brand-specific style guide.

Whether you’re getting ready for your brand’s launch or looking to scale, THIS ARTICLE can help create a consistent experience for your customers!

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As an ad agency, from time to time we rely on ad network support teams to assist us with the ever changing landscape of their platforms. Over the past while, the quality of support from Google Ads has been noticeably decreasing.

It would appear that Google has heard the cries of their ad customers, and are addressing the issue. The solution? Layoffs and potentially bringing in AI.

The jury’s still out on whether if AI takes over a human’s support role (even with the human’s lack of knowledge to solve a problem), will prove to be better than the current situation.

In the meantime, as an ad agency, we are always taking it a step further than just contacting Google Ads when we run into a roadblock. We are also conducting our own research, troubleshooting and coming up with strategic solutions to any issue that may arise.

Here’s MORE INFO on the latest from the higher-ups of Google Ads


What’s the actual reason your business exists? Customers want to know WHY you sell your products and what’s behind the shiny product shot, and not just what you sell.

We live in a day in age where people are craving authenticity and truth. Telling a story in your advertising that evokes an emotion related to your product’s purpose is more important than the perfect, well-manicured static product shot.

“Imagine visiting a doctor who only treats your symptoms, ignoring the underlying cause. Absurd, right? Yet, that’s how many brands approach marketing.”

THIS article has some great steps you can take to show the world your authenticity as a brand.

What is marginal revenue, why should you care about it in relation to your business and how do you calculate it?

Calculating marginal revenue is important because it can help your business…
1. Bring in more profit from additional profit.
2. Predict customer demand.
3. Estimate future production levels.
4. Define completive pricing.

For your marginal revenue questions, check out this informative blog article from Shopify.

General Intrigue:

Are you ready for Winter to be over? Well, there may just be a cruise for you… departing from Miami! Check out the world’s largest cruise ship, which set sail for the very first time this year.