The Vantage Buzz – January 2020


Happy 2020! We hope the new decade is off to a good start for you and your businesses. Make sure to let us know if you have any new initiatives or promotion ideas.

Your monthly advantage reading below:


The best business books of 2019, curated by award-winning magazine Strategy + Business, may supply you with some worthy additions if you need to add to your yearly reading list.


A look at commonalities for high performance e-commerce websites in 2019, based on a larger e-commerce digital report. We highly recommend taking a look here. Notably, strong social audience purchases related to high performance:

“The three strongest conversion correlations across the 4,000 datapoints were related to social transactions. This tells us that the very top performing websites were significantly better than everybody else at generating traffic from social that purchases.”

And General Intrigue:

Maybe you want this new decade to be a bit simpler than the last one. Or at least you want your product or business to be simpler. Either way, the 10 laws of simplicity have you covered.