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The Vantage Buzz – January 2019


Happy belated New Year. We hope your resolutions are working out, both personal and business related. We’ve had a busy January ourselves, but we’re excited to continue strengthening existing partnerships, forge new ones, and develop ourselves and our team in 2019.

Also, here’s a still from our latest film shoot (good things are being edited):

Below, a few links we think worth your time:

For B2Bers:

The type of video you should consider creating if you want to use video to close more B2B sales.

For Ecommerce:

A checklist from the world’s biggest search engine for retailers? Yes please. Google’s leaked  “Proprietary + Confidential” playbook for ecommerce retailers in summary here.

And General Intrigue:

What the internet experience looks like in China, Cuba, India, and Russia.

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