The Vantage Buzz – December 2023


As we get close to ringing in the New Year, we start to think about all of the wonderful possibilities 2024 will bring, both personally and professionally. You might ask yourself… how can I work smarter, not harder?

You don’t have to cause yourself unnecessary stress trying to come up with an original digital marketing campaign strategy or concept. Take a look at big brand’s successful digital advertising campaigns. They can help generate creative ideas for your own brand.

Using creative strategies and key marketing components that have already been proven to work can not only be beneficial to your business, but can also alleviate the pressure to come up with a new approach.

Check out some of these outstanding marketing campaigns from 2023, in order to help you succeed in 2024!

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The better your content on blogs or social media, the more traffic and engagement you’ll acquire. Seems pretty obvious and simple, right? But, are you setting yourself for success by doing your research before posting content, or are you just… posting?

If you create content around specific high ranking keywords that you know people are interested in searching, your content will have a better chance of performing.

One way of finding trending keywords is by starting to type a topic into Google search that’s relevant to your business and see what comes up (make sure to clear your browsing data first). For example, if you want to post something about what someone might want to use organic shampoo for, you might start your search with “organic shampoo for…” and then see what popular queries pop up.

Then, to make your content appealing, think ‘quality, uniqueness and authority’.

Content Must-Do’s:

  •  Use good quality and engaging images or video.
  • When you can, use quotes or lists to make the content more visually digestible.
  • The first sentence is your ‘hook’. Make sure it uses the keywords from your initial research.
  • Find a new angle on your topic to make your content unique.
  • Explain something better than the content that might already exist around your topic. YOU are the expert.
  • Be a journalist.
  • Appeal to your audience’s ego.

There’s a lot of content out there for people to consume, so we know it can be difficult to be ‘original’. However, people aren’t taking as much time to slow down, do their research and therefore creating intentional and well-thought-out content. Instead of pumping out as much content as possible, create less content with more purpose.


When it comes to ad creative for Meta and Instagram, not only is the content of the ad important, but also using the appropriate size and aspect ratios.

Because there are many placements in which ads can serve on both platforms (Meta and Instagram), it’s critical for our clients to provide us with images or videos in multiple, specific formats. For example, when creating your video, keep in mind that in order to serve ads to all placements (which we recommend, instead of manually selecting a few), consider what your video would look like in a ‘Stories’ version (vertical, 9:16 ratio) and in an ‘Instagram feed’ version (square, 1:1 ratio).

THIS article outlines some best practices to create the most effective ad creative on Insta and Meta, which marketing agencies such as ourselves can use to get the most out of your advertising efforts!

“Soon when you use Google’s AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) to look for apparel, you’ll have the option to generate photorealistic images inspired by the words you search — and shop products that match those images.” – Julie Black, Google’s Director of Product for Consumer Shopping

This is just one of many new updates Google’s SGE is getting this month, which is currently only available to those who opt-in to SGE in the US. What does this mean for advertisers? New Google Ads formats appearing within the SGE are still in the testing phase, and Google has not yet confirmed any details about potential costs for these placements.

‘See similar products’ will be an option after you’ve created an image of your ideal product, based on what Google’s AI generated, inspired by the words you searched. This is a part of the very near future in search and shopping advertising, and we’ll stay on the pulse of updates when they become available! To read more about this new update, click HERE.

General Intrigue:

Did you know that Chinese tourist’s return to the shores of the UK has been far slower than Americans’ — flight bookings are down around 50% of pre-pandemic levels. Prior to the pandemic, they were the second-highest spenders in the UK after Americans and generally spent more per trip. It has therefore been suggested for UK businesses in particular, to focus their advertising dollars on a holiday that generally sees quite a few Chinese tourists abroad – the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. Learn more HERE.