The Vantage Buzz – December 2019


Happy holidays! Hope Black Friday / Cyber Monday went well. The sales season continues, though, and we continue to busily plan and execute promotions. Let us know if you need any help planning yours.

Additionally, we’ll be closed during the holidays, December 25th, 26th, and January 1st.

Your monthly advantage reading below:


Clarification on whether Hubspot and Saleforce are competitors and the announcement of the death of the funnel and the birth of the flywheel from the CEO of HubSpot.


The new year approaches and you might be considering adding new products to your lineup. If you’re looking for a product launch method, this one sounds intriguing and fast: The 7 Day Product Launch Blitz

And General Intrigue:

New year, new ideas for ensuring humanity’s survival in the face of climate change. This one is very sci-fi movie: A 1,000 Year Space Mission to Save Humanity