The Vantage Buzz – August 2023


With Summer coming to a close and back-to-school being right around the corner, social media scammers are back-at-it as well. In particular, we’ve been alerting our clients about a scammer impersonating Meta Business Support. They are sending our clients messages, claiming they need login credentials in order to resolve an issue with the account.

First, do NOT click on the link associated with the message. In order to check if this is, indeed, a real message from Meta Business Support, login to your actual admin page to view any errors with your page and/or any issues that might cause a page suspension or disablement of a page.

HERE is an article further explaining what you can do in case you’ve received an email or message from someone claiming they are from Meta, and you believe it’s a scam.

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Google Analytics 4 has fully launched and has officially collected a couple of full months of data. Although you can still view the previously collected data from the original GA Universal, it’s ceased to collect new data. And, in approximately 6 months time, you won’t have access to GA Universal whatsoever.

In the near future, we’ll offer guidance and recommendations on the data export process, but in the meantime… How familiar are you with the new GA4 platform? Here are some great tips on becoming a GA4 pro, no matter what your skill level is.


This is old news, but also new news. Starting in November 2022, Shopify has been gradually rolling out a new checkout which limits Google Tag Manager in the checkout for Shopify Plus stores.

Even though Shopify announced that the official end date for checkout.liquid as August 13, 2024, we’ve recently noticed that some of our clients’ Shopify Plus stores are already being affected by the checkout.liquid file depreciation, resulting in Google Tag Manager code being ignored.

Checkout.liquid is a specialized Liquid theme file used to customize the overall look, feel, and functionality of the checkout of a Shopify Plus store. This functionality, only available to Shopify Plus merchants, had been providing them flexibility to customize and control the user experience during the checkout process.

If you’re currently using checkout.liquid, please refer to THIS article, which includes links at the bottom of the page, to learn how to upgrade your checkout customizations to “checkout extensibility”.

And, for the first time ever, US-based Shopify merchants will soon have the choice to offer their products to Prime members. Amazon is releasing a new Shopify app soon, which will allow merchants to add “Buy with Prime” to their Shopify Checkout.

HERE are more details on what this new app integration means.

General Intrigue:

Cold and flu season is upon us, but Kleenex won’t be a part of the action this year in Canada. Kleenex is discontinuing its product in Canada and according to THIS article, “The decision was likely made because profit margins on the product were thin to begin with, and inflation has consumers choosing cheaper options wherever they can.”