The Vantage Buzz – August 2019


We’ll jump right into an update from Google: you’re going to need to enable 2-step authentication on the account you use to sign in to Google Ads, so, if you don’t have it set up, you might as well set it up now, before you’re locked out. Here’s a link to do so.

And here’s your monthly ad-vantage reading:


What’s your business’s key growth metric? This article advocates for using “Lead Velocity Rate” or LVR as your key growth metric as it can make accommodating immediate fluctuations more manageable when you want to focus on the long-term and future sales. Oriented toward SaaS businesses, but could be modified for any business that depends on a consistent flow of leads.


An article from Shopify on how to use Shopify to set up a wholesale portal, the benefits of wholesale, and some tips of wholesale pricing.

And General Intrigue:

The so-called savior of the open office floor plan, the office pod, gets a compelling case in this article. Privacy seems to be the major component of their attractiveness as interviewees in the article talk about their ability to both focus more and have more engaged private meetings with clients and leads when using the pods.