The Vantage Buzz – April 2024


The official sunset of Universal Google Analytics is happening on July 1st! Have you fully migrated to Google Analytics 4 for your online business? If not, it’s critical you move your Universal Analytics properties over to GA4 now, as by July 1st your data will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable.

Fortunately, there is a way to export your historical data from your Universal Analytics 360 property, using the BigQuery integration from Google. It’s strongly advised to start this process ASAP.

HERE are step-by-step instructions on how to set up BigQuery and then how to export your priceless, precious data.

šŸ‘‰ More info on the sunset of Universal Analytics.

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Paid search in the US retains its unmatched position as the top revenue generator in digital advertising.

Why is this important to marketing agencies? Every year, paid search becomes a bit more expensive and more challenging to navigate, shrouded in less transparency. Yet, advertisers persist in its use for a straightforward reason: it consistently delivers results for brands and businesses.

The digital advertising sector remains robust amidst challenges. In 2023, despite high inflation, increasing interest rates, and job losses, advertising sustained its growth momentum, as per the report cited in the article below.

Search advertising continues to be a must for each and every one of our clients. It consistently gets faster results than SEO, as well as a much higher level of control when it comes to placement in search results.


šŸ¤”Do you maintain regular communication with your brand’s influencers? Research indicates that 29% of consumers prefer sharing product feedback with influencers rather than directly with brands. Consequently, brands are increasingly seeking closer engagement with influencers to gain valuable insights.

In today’s competitive market landscape, trust holds immense value, especially with consumers facing endless purchasing choices. Interestingly, Millennials and Gen Zers prioritize influencer reputation over shared values or authenticity. For frequent buyers, factors like posting frequency and follower count hold more sway than personal values or authenticity in assessing an influencer’s worth.

See more HERE to find out how else influencers sway shopper’s decisions.

Are you familiar with your customer’s journey? Customers are more and more basing their purchasing decisions on online research, rather than on strictly on product packaging and customer service.

Give your customers the information their after, by digging into what questions customers are asking in response to your social media posts, website feedback or customer support emails. Then, use this customer behaviour data when going to create content. Prioritize what your customers are seeking instead of what you think they need to know.

This type of marketing is called ‘Reception Marketing’. This approach to marketing connects consumers to the information they’ll find most valuable by closely monitoring their questions and needs regarding your product. Reception marketing allows brands to position themselves as trusted advisors rather than pushy salespeople.

Here’s MORE on this marketing superpower and how you can integrate it into your brand’s strategy.

General Intrigue:

šŸŒŽ On the heels ofĀ Lululemon ambassadors distancingĀ themselves or severing theirĀ ties with the company, disappointed by itsĀ track record on climate change, a marketing compliant has been made thatĀ Lululemon is misleading consumers about its environmental practices. Click HERE for more details.