The Vantage Buzz – April 2023


April 22nd was Earth Day! Find out what one of the founders of this annual environmental event has to say about today’s Earth Day message HERE.

Your monthly ad-Vantage reading below:


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Top 3D virtual influencers have well over 1 million Instagram followers! What is a 3D virtual influencer and can it help your brand?


“Survey data shows 91% of businesses engage in video marketing…” We tell all of our clients that video marketing is key to great advertising hygiene! Learn more HERE.

Also, optimizing your website for SEO has a huge positive impact on online advertising. Here’s a very thorough SEO checklist from our friends at Shopify.

And General Intrigue:

Did you encounter any April Fools pranks this month? HERE are some big brands who famously participated in April 1st shenanigans.