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Can I Do PPC Management Myself or In-house?

A lot of people who deal with lackluster PPC management ask the question:

“Can I manage my PPC accounts myself or in-house (and make money)?”

Despite what some agencies say, PPC management isn’t rocket science. You can definitely manage your PPC accounts for yourself.

You’d just need to spend time learning the basics. Then you’d have to start spending time learning each network; time learning Bing, time learning Google, time learning Facebook, and time learning all of the other networks. You’d have to spend time staying on top of the rapidly changing industry, implementing and adjusting for new developments. And then you’d have to spend time making sure daily operations are up to par.

There’s also a whole plethora of expertise required for landing pages and CRO which have become the bread to PPC’s butter nowadays. A robust digital marketing campaign integrates multiple networks and assets to develop an efficient and profitable funnel for generating sales and/or leads.

That being said, doing PPC yourself can be done, especially if your marketing budget wouldn’t be able to support a widespread strategy. You’ll definitely be able to get your brand onto the search results, but the question remains whether you’ve built and optimized your campaign to get the most out of your limited budget, a question that is difficult to answer without industry experience.

Your time is valuable

Doing PPC yourself or in-house will use up a good portion of your precious time.

PPC agencies know that. Our time’s precious too. We’ve spent a lot of it learning about and doing the work mentioned above. We can save you that time by doing PPC for you. And we’ll do it in a way that makes you money. It’s not rocket science, but it isn’t a walk in the park either.

Perhaps you never planned to actually do PPC management yourself, you just wanted to do it internally. We understand. Some businesses have fantastic internal PPC management teams. Others, not so much. But if the question of doing it yourself is crossing your mind, you’d probably have to go through the whole business of hiring a PPC team.

Hiring might take some time too. Your new team might also not be used to working together. Getting them up to speed will take time. All this onboarding will probably be expensive too.

PPC management with Vantage

Time and money. Those are two things a PPC agency can help you gain. Personally, we like to think we find our clients’ ad-Vantage.

So, if you’d like to get a taste of realistic, results-driven, partnership-based PPC management, we’d love to have a chat.