CAn You Afford PPC Experts?

PPC Agency Pricing – Can You Afford PPC Experts?

Have you been burned by PPC agency pricing that made money from you rather than for you?

Many businesses owners and marketers looking into digital marketing ask the question:

“How can my business afford a PPC agency?”

It’s time to size yourself up in the mirror.

What kind of media spend are you ready to invest?

At Vantage, we recommend a media spend of at least $2000/month for PPC. In some special circumstances, this amount is lower, but it is a good standard for obtaining statistically significant data on PPC performance.

With us, any adjustments to an account’s spend are always thoroughly discussed and agreed upon. We’re driven by positive results. Spend is a big factor in making our clients’ PPC profitable, but it’s not the only one. We’ll let you know if we think you should increase or lower your spend.

Every business has different goals and resources and we’ll always put your PPC media spend in-line with your objectives, but the more you spend on PPC, the more data we’ll be able to collect on who is clicking your ads and for how much. This data allows us to optimize your account for the best return on your investment.

Let’s talk about PPC agency expectations

If it’s your first look at hiring a PPC agency, you’re probably proceeding with extreme caution. There’ll be lots of promises, lots of images of the search results page, and lots of positive percentages. These trigger that initial desire, the desire to grow your business.

If you’ve hired a PPC agency before, you’re probably proceeding with caution. You’ve been promised the world and only given an unsatisfactory piece. Unfortunately, we can’t give you the PPC world. Nobody can. But we can give you a customized, technically sound solution that’ll get your ads to the right people at the right time at the lowest possible costs-per-click.

PPC can get you more leads, sales, and brand awareness, but it has to be done realistically. Realistic PPC requires experience and constant innovation. A PPC campaign without experienced management quickly spirals out of control, burning and wasting ad spend in a spectacular fashion.

With us, spectacles are only used for seeing missed opportunities and stopping fires.

An expert PPC agency’s experience and time will cost you money. But we know what we’re doing. We love what we’re doing. We love making money for our clients.

If we’re not getting our clients the results they want in an affordable manner after our initial optimization period, they’re free to leave at any time. All we have is our work and its results. If you want to work with people who know what they’re doing, we’re your guys. We want to grow along with our partners, expanding their digital marketing into exciting and profitable places.

The first step is finding your PPC ad-Vantage. We can help you find it in a tactical, no-frills-attached way.

We’ve got 25+ collective years under our belts and we’re always following the rapidly changing PPC industry. When you look at our PPC agency pricing, you’ll know you’re going to get a return on the investment.

Going Forward

If your business’s PPC marketing budget is too low for us to be comfortable managing for positive results, we’ll tell you why and where we would be comfortable. We only work with businesses that we know can benefit from our PPC management. Our humble Vancouver PPC agency can do great things with great businesses.

So, if you think you’re ready to start your journey towards big ROIs and sustainable growth, let’s have a chat.