9 PPC Advertising Trends, Tricks & More – Vantage May Recap

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We’ve found some great pieces from the web that we hope you’ll enjoy. And, of course, a couple of our own on PPC advertising.

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Industry Updates:

1. Shopping Ads in Image Results: New, convenient place to show visually stimulating marketing covered by Sarah Perez on TechCrunch.

2.YouTube Introduces “Bumper” Ads
: For short attention spans and concise messaging, covered by Anthony Ha on TechCrunch.

3. Shopping Ads Getting Bigger: larger real estate for reconfigured search results page reported directly from AdWords.

Using PPC

1. What is LTV? As useful for PPC as it is for any marketing methods, make sure you’ve got a firm grasp of Lifetime Value. Written by yours truly.

2. The Remarketing Audiences You Should be Targeting: a comprehensive guide to retargeting your online advertisements at the right people written by Maddie Cary on B2Community.

3. A Customer’s PPC Journey:
“We’re going on an adventure” said Bilbo the digital marketer. This piece from our blog will give you the lowdown on conversion attribution for online customers surfing the world wide web.

For the PPC Advertising Pros:

1. Three PPC Landing Page Tips Hardly Anyone Takes Advantage Of: Number 1 is counter intuitive, but brilliant–make sure you read this post by Johnathan Dane on Marketing Profs.

2. 7 Google Analytics Features You Didn’t Know Existed: Dive into some lesser known tricks for everyone’s favourite analytics tool with Frederik Hyldig on SEM Rush Blog.

3. Scary Ad Copy Tips: Face your fears and spice up your ad copy says Brett Middleton on Search Engine Land.

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