One-stop-shop Internet Marketing vs Pay Per Click Consultant

Ok so in this blog post I will try to make the case for why you should use a Pay Per Click consultant to manage your account vs going with an one stop shop internet marketing provider. Just to clarify a one-stop shop internet provider will do your website, SEO, PPC, social media and maybe even hosting.

One Stop-Shop


Hey you are getting all your internet needs met through one company which makes things a lot more convenient for you. In theory your whole marketing effort should be an integrated marketing machine that should work smoothly together to meet your needs. Finally most people tend to trust bigger internet companies because they have an established reputation and brand name.


The one big con (no bun intended) is that most one stop shop internet providers charge you an astronomical amount of money to give you the privilege of even sitting down to get a quote with them in the first place. Secondly they usually charge an extremely high monthly fee or even worse a % of your pay per click spend to manage your accounts. This can be a problem because you can get tied into long contracts that are difficult to get out of.

The biggest thing I have seen is that they try to get you to fork out $10,000 to $15,000 for a new website when in most cases your existing site just needs face lift. That money can go along way towards PPC and SEO initiatives.


PPC consulting is serious business

Pay Per Click Consultants


A ppc consultant specializes in, yes you guest it, PPC. So they may not have the skills or time to completely redesign your site from scratch, but they do have the skill to do landing optimization so that your site will convert better, which will help your Adwords account to convert more often and at lower cost per acquisitions.

As for search engine optimization you should probably get a SEO consultant to get your company on track. IMO, SEO should be done in-house once a strategy is in place because it is an ongoing process and in most cases employees are the best people to write blogs, comment on forums and handle social media.


Most PPC consultants have lower overhead costs than one-stop-shops so they can pass on the savings to you. Plus the good guys are willing to put their name on the line with pay for performance payment methods vs % of spend management fees.

The biggest advantage of using an Adwords expert is that you are going to end up paying less for PPC than your competitors because an expert knows all the tricks to get your conversion rates up and your CPAs down. Someone that doesn’t specialize in pay per click will just not be able to keep up to date with the weekly changes Google is introducing.

I guess it really just comes down to know what you need and what you don’t.