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October has passed and we’re here to reflect on what we shared with the world during the month. But first, are you ready for the holiday season? Your marketing better be getting into holiday hustle and bustle. Scroll down to our Facebook section to find out how to achieve holiday Zen with PPC.

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Occasionally we share some humorous stuff as well, like this ad from Denmark


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October saw the final release of our Extensive Guide to Successful Remarketing, available for viewing in our PPC Fundamentals section. Remarketing is an advertising practice which focuses on bringing previous visitors and customers back to your website to amplify the effects of your online marketing. Our guide will show you what remarketing is, give you the lowdown on the technical mechanics, and advise you on good and bad remarketing practices.


I ended this article by hinting that a formula was in the works on how to bid based on top v other v lost IS. That formula has been completed.

The one metric to rule them all: read this article to find out what the most important metric in PPC allegedly is.


Yahoo Gemini is the latest combatant to enter the PPC network arena, but is it a strong addition for your PPC arsenal? Read this post to find out.



Achieve Holiday Zen Through The Art Of Paid Search Planning.” Learn about planning methods, consumer behavior, and some of the key shopping dates for this holiday season.

The average shopper last year had a projected spend of $804 on holiday items, including $597 on gifts. And according to eMarketer, retail e-commerce sales during the holiday season this year are expected to grow 13.9 percent and account for $79.4 billion.


Ever asked yourself “How do I get sitelinks to appear in my site’s search results?” Well, we thought this post handled the answer quite well.

There are things you can do to increase the chances of your preferred sitelinks appearing in search. And mainly it’s the kind of things you should be doing anyway if you want to make your site easy to navigate for visitors.


On Google+ we shared this interesting review of current best practices in search marketing. It’s a thorough post that meditates on what has been done and how we can improve used methods. Be sure to read this if you want to remain competitive with your PPC.

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