March Madness: Vantage Moving Edition

What’s been going on

Steve of Vantage at his desk
In March, Vantage moved into a bigger, better office. We’re now located at #301-535 Thurlow Street in Vancouver. The wider layout and more personal spaces will, hopefully, increase productivity. At least this is what our kind and consistent building maintenance guy, Stan, says. We’re excited for all the possibilities a new office entails. And, of course, there’s so much space! For activities!

With a new office, it was essential that we got new, snazzy furniture. Some of said furniture had to, naturally, be from IKEA. Our junior analyst, me, was tasked with putting the IKEA pieces together. Putting his best builder face on, he dove into the unfamiliar task.

Desperate man building IKEA
An accurate representation of my experience with IKEA

Basic PPC Information

We’ve also begun our informative series on search marketing. The first of these describes the difference between paid, local, and organic listings in the search results page. It’s a great go-to for any initial questions on the mechanics of the search results page. Keep an eye out as we will be putting out more of these articles in hopes of establishing a strong library of reference material for any unsure clients or curious individuals.

“Paid search listings (aka Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC) offer businesses the opportunity to take on another level of control in the battle for relevant traffic.”

View the article here:

Social Media Recap

That brings us up to date with office life. It’s now time to look back on the past month’s social media activity. At the start of the month we posted an article highlighting the world’s biggest advertising firm, WPP, and how they spent $2.9 Billion, or 4% of their media advertising budget, on Google. This is huge, it’s about $400 million dollars above what WPP spent on Fox and News Corp. This only demonstrates how important online advertising, and more specifically, Google AdWords is.

“Google has become our biggest media partner,” he said. Last year WPP invested $2.9 billion of its $75 billion media bookings into Google ads.”

Sorrel, WPP’s chief executive, has described Google as a “frenemy”

Read more:

Heartfelt Hearing Aid

Our next post showcased Samsung’s delightful ad campaign for their new hearing aid friendly customer service center. The ad, titled “Hearing Hands,” shows a man named Muharrem going about his day to day tasks. Muharrem has a hearing disability, and during his day he comes into contact with people who surprisingly communicate with him through sign language. Watching Muharrem’s face light up in surprise and joy made our day. We share these ads because they’re effective, not just in selling a product but in evoking emotions. The agency which created this ad was Leo Burnett in Istanbul. We commend Leo Burnett and Samsung for creating this.

The Four Horsemen of the Internetocalpyse

A butchered word makes for an interesting title, right? This post shared a presentation by Scott Galloway, L2 founder and passionate trademark analyst. The lightning fast presentation covers 90 slides in 900 seconds. The topic: the successes and failures of brands, namely Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple (the four horsemen). Insightful and often humorous, we highly recommend watching this to get both quantitative and qualitative information on the masters of the internet marketing game.

Hopefully the new office is still standing (as well as the IKEA furniture I set up). And, as always, make sure to keep an eye out for your Vantage point in the search marketing world. Until next month.

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