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Joyous June: A Vantage Social Recap

Another month, another recap

June was one hot month. And I’m not just talking about the snazzy new photos we’ve got up on the “About Us” section of the Vantage website (which you can see right here). The sun has really been out in full force, and we’ve been enjoying it as much as we can while staying on top of work. From camping to the beach, our sun filled weekends have been grounding us with the focus necessary for success.

Let’s switch focus to our social media feeds, just to make sure you’re staying on top too. Here’s a quick recap:

From the blog

We played pitch and putt!

Steve Claridge from Vantage Search Marketing makes his final putt of the day

Steve makes his final putt of the day

Fearless leader Stephen Claridge led the Vantage team on a terrific Friday excursion. You can read the fully story here.
Cactus Club replying to Vantage Search Marketing

Even the Cactus Club recognized Steve’s great decision making

Kevin became a hero in Portland (for some reason this was missed in the last recap)


Our technical expert, Kevin, went down to Portland for the 2015 Hero Conference, an event that aims to bring together the best and brightest in PPC. Taking its name from the PPC resource repertoire, the conference is both educating and entertaining.

Read all about Kevin’s trip here.

What is Paid Search Engine Marketing?

SEM in yahtzee blocks

We visited the basics in this informational post on the basic mechanics, uses, and benefits of paid search.

“Paid search marketing offers businesses the opportunity to reach these consumers in the earliest stages of making a purchase—their first search in a search engine. By taking into account the terms used by the searcher, advertisers can generate ads that are relevant to the searcher’s intent. If the ad presents what the searcher wants, it is highly likely that they will click it.”

Learn more here.

From the Twittersphere


How to reach back to school shoppers

We shared an article on the power of PPC eCommerce for seasonal sales. See our tweet here.

29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics

We shared this neat infographic with some fairly interesting statistics. You can find it through our tweet, here.

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On Facebook

The facebook logo

How to dock like a boss

A winning PSA from a Norwegian anti-drunk boat driving organization, funny and fully supportive of the trending “dad bod”


The brand new ‘About Us’ photos were the results of a fun photo shoot Steve and Kevin partook in. We posted an in-action shot early in the month. You can see it here.

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On LinkedIn

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How to choose a PPC Agency

This Moz piece is a great introduction for PPC agency selection, we couldn’t help but share it on LinkedIn.

And if you need further advice, check out our own piece on PPC agency selection:

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Till next month!

Figurine man waving goodbye

We hope July is as beautiful as June was, and we also hope that you can find your ad-Vantage.