Google Introduces New Partners Program

Earlier this week, on their official Canadian blog, Google announced its new Google Partners program.  The main goal of the new Partners program is to “[bring] together [all of Google’s] existing programs under this new platform, making it easier for agencies to access Google resources, training, and support all in one place.”

What the new Google Partner Program Means for Agencies

Agencies and web professionals will be able to do all of the following in one place:

  • Become a Partner: Earn the Google Partner badge to indicate to your current and future clients that you are a trusted Google Partner.
  • Hangout with Google: Join an exclusive Google+ community to receive support from Google specialists and to talk with industry experts.
  • Connect with Customers: When you earn the badge, we’ll introduce you to potential clients through Google Partner Search.
  • Access Exclusive Content: Explore a library of the latest Google-created trainings, case studies, and pitch materials to help deepen your expertise.

The new program is not just about consolidating Google’s existing programs.  Here are a few of the addition changes I have noted so far:

  • Updated Certification Tests: The tests now consist of a Fundamentals, a Display and a Search exam.  It also looks like Google has done away with the Google Testing Center locked browser as the new exams are completed directly in your regular browser.
  • Additional Requirements to Become a Partner: Google has added 2 additional requirements for your agency to become certified, titled: Serve your customers and Follow Best Practices.  My initial thoughts is that integrating these directly into the program automates the agency audits that were previously completed manually by a Google employee.

What the new Google Partner Program Means for Businesses

Using the new, simplified Google Partner Search, you can connect with a trusted agency that has been verified by Google as helping their customers and using the latest best practices. You can also identify Google Partners by the Partner badge displayed on their website.

This is the new Google Partner badge

New Google Partner badge







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