Free pay per click management tools

There are many tools that a PPC manager will use to make their lives easier when it comes to pay per click management. The great thing about all the tools listed here are that they are FREE.

Adwords Editor

My favourite tool is Adwords editor. This is the first tool you should download even before you create your first campaign because it will save you so much time. The time saver is the ability to copy and paste any elements of your account and then search and replace it. Common keyboard shortcuts work seamlessly in Adwords Editor. Not only can you make campaigns for Adwords but Yahoo and Bing both allow you to import CSV files directly from Adwords Editor.

Adwords Keyword Tool

The online Adwords Keyword tool is great for keywords research. Just go to the opportunities tab of your Adwords account. The nice thing about this tool is that you can set the location or your choice, so that you can get a good idea of traffic and competition levels in your own area. Another advantage is the ability to export data to Excel, which allows you to see competition values instead of the ambiguous graph online.

PPC Keyword Generator

The PPC Keyword Generator by OverZone is super handy tool for building out long lists of keywords. This tool is way better than the keyword multiplier tool in Adwords Editor because Adwords editor only allows you to add keywords that already have traffic. OverZone’s tool allows you to copy and paste your keyword list right into Adwords Editor or Excel.

Google Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel is very useful for coming up with new keywords ideas. It can be found on the left column of Google Search options. Tip: once you find a keyword that really converts your should use the Wonder Wheel to find related keywords themes. This is especially useful for building adgroups for the content network because the content network only looks at the theme of an adgroup and not the individual keywords.

Google Global

Google Global is also a great tool that allows you to see what searchers in other geographic areas see. The same functionality is found inside your Adwords account but I find it very clunky and you cannot click on any of the links. This add-on for Firefox and Chrome sits in your browser and is very fast.

Keyword Spy

Lastly, have you ever wondered what your competitors are bidding on. Well the Keyword Spy is great for this because it allows you to spy on the keywords they are using. There is a free trial version that you can install on Firefox that I use all the time. Or you can click on the banner below to get the trial or full version:

Utilize Competitors' Keywords - KeywordSpy

All these tools will make your life easier. If you need help managing your PPC account Vancouver Pay Per Click would be happy to help.