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February Social Media from Vantage Search

February’s been a while gone, but we didn’t forget about our social media. And you shouldn’t either, below are some of the highlights. Get informed and stay PPC relevant with us–and if you have anything you think we should cover, feel free to message or tag us on social media.


Frankenconverter PPC landing page

Frankenconverters (How Spooky!)

Landing pages are a must-have! We can’t stress this enough, but a good landing page will improve online marketing ROI almost always. However, there are some things to avoid when you’re optimizing your landing page for the perfect experience, namely, the frankenconverter. Learn all about excellent landing page design and terrifying monsters in this PPC fundamentals article.

A bold, beautiful landing page offers you the chance to wow, inform and possibly convince your potential customer. The big mistake we have encountered in regards to landing pages are:

  • That they do not exist
  • Not tailored to the searcher’s query
  • Disfigured constructions of conversion optimizations that are getting the wrong customers, or Frankenconverters

The Vantage PPC Advertising Process

Processed via Vantage Search Marketing

We’ve been doing PPC for a while now in Vancouver, and we think our process was worth some coverage (at least by us). It’s a good way to detail the way we do things, as well as offer anyone else interested in PPC advertising some guidance. “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning” is a quote from Winston Churchill that seems to apply quite aptly to PPC advertising. Join us as we go over our process, and, who knows, maybe we’ll reduce some of your worrying.

Though each situation is different, our core framework for PPC management is something that applies to every client and every industry. Our framework involves 5 fundamental processes



Learn From Your Competitors

Sometimes you just have to peak at the competition for some guidance. We shared an article that’ll help you learn the signs and strategies of an effective competitor, and then how to compete with them. The post is long and thorough (maybe take it in sections), but it’s a recommended read. It starts with how to to prepare your mindset for competitor analysis, offering a list of do’s and don’ts. Next, it offers a look at the anatomy of a competitor’s PPC campaign, specifically looking at what’s available to your eyes. Finally, the article gives some tips about how to implement your newfound knowledge–leading you to your “PPC sweetspot”


facebook ads for ppc advertising

Who Wins and Who Loses?

Google rolled in some major updates to the search results page. We thought that this article offered some good analysis of how these changes might affect future digital marketing results. It’s an important read, even if you just take a look at how the results page changes and their immediate effects.

Also, there are noteworthy incremental benefits for PPC marketers. For example, now all ads can use call-out extensions, sitelink extensions, location extensions and so on, which were previously only a benefit of top-of-page ads.



What do the Smartest Startups Do?

Carolina Rogoll writes on the marketing side of things, noting how intelligent start ups use the digital world to their advertising advantage. As always, it’s important to be visible on digital, but this just offers further hard evidence, and maybe a few novel ideas. Take a look.

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