February Fun: A Social Media Recap

An honest introduction

Well, to begin, our February social media updates leaned more on the informative and serious side of things, but we feel it’s never too late to please our adoring fans: we present to you stock photos featuring the enigmatic Vince Vaughn, http://www.gettyimages.com/gi-resources/ub/unfinishedbusiness/index.html

How ridiculous and hilarious is this? Nevertheless, it’s a smart move by the marketing team for the film, Unfinished Business. These images are already making the rounds in the business and advertising world.
image credit: iStock by Getty Images

Use at your business’s discretion as these stock images are only available for editorial use.

Helpful and informative posts:

Twitter in Search Results:

Early in February we shared an article informing readers that tweets will now show up in search results. The implications of this update are various, but we think Twitter is stepping up its marketing game as its growth slows. Knowing some searchers might be searching for specific tweets is just another thing to add to the long list that qualified PPC marketers must be aware of.

“‘The deal means “more opportunities for Twitter to convert, and possibly monetize, logged-out users,’ he said. ‘It will also increase the frequency that people with Twitter accounts check the site,’ he added.

‘For Google, we believe search results will be enhanced by access to real-time tweets and a much broader amount of content,’ Anmuth wrote.”

See the article on search results here, and the article on Twitter’s slowed growth here.

The “Mobile Friendly Tag”:


We also shared an article about the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Mobile friendly, mobile friendly, mobile friendly. It’s always a good idea to remember these two words when creating or updating a business’s website. And it’s pretty much essential in the modern marketplace. More specific to the article, it’s becoming essential for local businesses who might have believed they did not have to worry about obtaining the “mobile friendly tag.” As more and more potential customers turn to their mobile devices for service and product searching, businesses, even local ones, who do not show up in these mobile searches will be losing potential business.

“Local businesses often don’t see the need to go mobile, but columnist Rachel Lindteigen reminds SMBs that the time to prepare is now.”

Take a look at the article here for more hammer on the nose chanting of mobile friendly, mobile friendly, mobile friendly.

The “E-Newsletter Renaissance”:

Kevin Miller, the vice president of Solution Strategy at Salesfusion, informs marketers that it very well might be the “e-newsletter renaissance.” Commenting on findings that e-newsletters will be used this year by 83% of marketers surveyed, Miller suggests that the traditional, direct, and informative approach might be a safe and profitable bet for businesses. The e-newsletter offers a direct approach to keeping customers and potential customers in the loop. Miller warns against anything less than informative and well-crafted because an e-newsletter that looks like click bait spam will probably have the opposite effect than intended.

“A well-crafted newsletter first and foremost, should provide 80 percent education and 20 percent company/product information.”

Check out the article here.

That’s a Wrap!

We hope your February was as sunny and productive as ours in Vancouver. Remember, always keep an eye out for your Vantage point in the PPC world.

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