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Can You Do PPC Yourself?

Yes, whether you’re thinking of actually doing it yourself or putting together an internal team, it’s completely possible. It’ll just take a lot of time and money.

Time and money are two things that we’ll help you gain. We’ll use our extensive knowledge to create cost-effective campaigns that’ll get you leads and/or sales.

You Tried PPC Before and It Didn’t Work, How Would It Be Different with Vantage?

We’ve got experience. Years of it. We can pinpoint campaign issues like mismanagement and improper construction.  We’ll identify things such as incorrect tracking of leads and sales, poor targeting, and missed opportunities like remarketing.

It can often just be a matter of making your PPC strategy competitive, and we have the expertise to do so.

Our white-paper, “5 PPC Mistakes That Are Costing You Money,” might give you an outline of why PPC failed you before.

Why Hire an Agency When You Can Learn How to Do PPC on the Internet for Free?

You shouldn’t! If you’re willing to invest the time and money that learning PPC requires, we’re on your side. We love PPC and we hope you learn to love it too.

But most businesses looking for PPC management don’t have either the time needed to learn PPC or the money that inevitably pays for costly mistakes.

Hiring an internal PPC team can also be a headache of costs and time as you onboard new employees.Working with an agency that is familiar with and knows how to prevent mistakes is much simpler and less stressful.

Minimum Budget for PPC Management?

You should be willing to invest a sizeable amount in your PPC marketing budget. We recommend a media spend of at least $2000/month for PPC. In some cases this amount is lower, but it is a good standard for obtaining statistically significant data on PPC performance.

If you don’t have the resources for this kind of budget, it may be better to focus your time and money in other areas like website conversion rate optimization, which we can also help you with.

Your Last PPC Agency Was Awful, What’s Different at Vantage?

As PPC advocates, we hate to hear about bad experiences—we know that PPC works. You just need the right people with the right expertise.

Your last agency likely didn’t care about your goals or communicating or reporting properly (or loving your account).

Many agencies prioritize making money from you. We’re different because we’re proud of the results we get for our clients.

We’re proud of our custom solutions, account builds, landing pages and more. We’re proud of making money for our clients.

Can a PPC Agency Be Affordable for Your Business?

Whatever your resources, we can help you determine what’s affordable PPC-wise for your business.

Keep in mind that PPC management without experience can be disastrously unaffordable. Simply mismanaging an ad’s settings or a campaign’s budget can run a business’s credit card into the ground.

Our clients work with us without contracts. They wouldn’t be with us long if we weren’t a profitable option for their business.

An affordable PPC agency will help you achieve your marketing goals while avoiding mistakes and spotting opportunities in a positive-ROI focused manner.

Does AdWords Really Work?

From big brands to small, local business to international, multitudes use the AdWords network. They use it because it makes them money. Our clients can attest to this. Check out some of our case studies.

AdWords doesn’t work when management is inexperienced or inconsistent. Poorly setup AdWords accounts can cost business’s more money than they’re worth. Our specialty is creating AdWords accounts that are profitable.

What’s the Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google AdWords?

The difference is user intent. Facebook users aren’t searching for your product or service, Google users are. You reach Facebook users with their demographic, geographic, and interest based data. You reach Google users by serving an ad for your product or service that directly addresses what they’re searching for.

Facebook Ads are great for generating brand awareness at lower costs-per-click than Google AdWords and for getting people onto your audience lists for future remarketing. Google AdWords is great for generating relevant and qualified clicks based on user’s search intent.

Do Facebook Ads Work?

Yes, but not for getting cold conversions. Facebook users aren’t in the buying mindset, but they may be interested in learning or laughing at something. Once they’ve engaged with you, you can begin to advertise products and services to them.

Businesses that succeed with Facebook Ads understand that they need small-commitment advertising to get users onto their email and remarketing lists. These lists are what make businesses money as they can now reach interested Facebook users with their products and/or services with email and low-cost remarketing campaigns.

What’s a Good Click-through Rate (CTR)?

The short answer is that it’s network, industry, and location specific. Generally, based on AdWords data, services & B2B companies should aim for 2% or higher and Ecommerce companies should look for 1.6% and higher CTRs on search networks. Display networks have about ¼ the CTRs of search.

Benchmarking your current CTR, or setting a CTR goal for your account, will require an understanding of your industry and its historic CTRS. We rely on our years of experience as well as wide-reaching studies to determine your specific “good” target CTR.

What’s a Good Conversion Rate (CVR)?

A “good” conversion rate makes your business money. No matter the %.

Recent studies have determined that the average CVR across AdWords search is 2.7%, with services & B2B trending higher and Ecommerce trending lower. These numbers aren’t so useful because what constitutes a conversion, which can range from an email signup to a purchase, and whether tracking is properly setup both affect conversion rates. Where CTR is objectively measured by AdWords, CVR is defined by what the advertiser deems a conversion.

There’s some value in seeing general averages, but a “good” CVR will always be about positive ROI. We aim to find a CVR that keeps your AdWords account profitable, and will then optimize to maintain and improve that target CVR within your budget.

Can We Guarantee Positive Results?

No. But we can guarantee honesty and positivity. You can look at our case studies or we can help you get in touch with one of our clients to get an idea of what our work accomplishes.

We’re always available for questions and we won’t try to hide negative results. If our work doesn’t satisfy, you can leave us at any time after your account has been built and initially optimized.

Who Will Actually Be Working On Your Account?

Your account manager will be responsible for and do the majority of the work on your account. Assisting your account manager may be one of our junior PPC analysts who will work as directed by your account manager, changing settings only when approved.

Does Vantage Outsource Any Work?

No, all of our work is done in-house by hard-working Canadians. From account builds, to ad copy, to landing pages, we’re in there getting it done.

We like to think that our custom-tailored, high-quality PPC is our client’s competitive ad-Vantage, but results speak before any marketing slogans here.

How Long Does It Take To Get Results?

Our initial trial period is 3 months and you should start to see positive results during this time.

First, we’ll build your custom account or restructure an existing one.

Second, we’ll do initial optimizations to find target metrics that fit your goals and budget. After the first 3 months of getting your account up to Vantage par, results should steadily improve, and if we’re not profitable, you’re free to leave.

What Are Your Realistic Results with Vantage?

Your realistic results depend on your website, product, and/or service quality, on your marketing budget, and on your willingness to experiment with us.

We’ve got experience in a wide array of industries and we’ll be able to set some basic expectations for your PPC pretty quickly. We won’t make any wild promises.

We also don’t work with a % spend model, so we have no incentive to increase your marketing spend unless it produces positive results.

What Do Vantage’s Service Packages Look Like?

We have solid packages for basic PPC marketing management that will competitively get you leads and/or sales within your budget. Beyond the basics, we offer expansion into additional networks, landing pages, and website optimizations catered to your specific goals.

Aside from management packages, we offer consulting services which focus on improving your website and brand’s online conversion rates.

How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Our management fees begin at $1000/month, scaling higher with more complex packages, increased advertising spend, additional networks, additional landing pages, and additional services such as website conversion rate optimization.

What is Vantage’s Contract Process?

Our contract process involves an initial 3 month retainer that acts as a trial period for your account. We’ll be building your custom campaigns as well as doing initial optimizations in this period.

Both parties will be able to gauge the profitability of our advertising efforts, and from the end of this trial period we’ll operate on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to easily leave if you’re unsatisfied.

Who Will Be Your Point of Contact?

Your point of contact will be your account manager and you can peruse our current account managers on our website.

Your account manager will have the experience and expertise necessary to manage your campaigns and you’ll always have direct access to him or her. We believe strongly in a 24 hour or less response time, and we’re often much faster.

When Does Vantage Report?

We deliver one report per month. This report will include the past month’s spend, performance metrics, and historic trends for the account.  We make sure to contextualize the data reported with understandable commentary.

We welcome any and all concerns with the content of our reports and will always be available for a conversation about your results.

Will Your PPC Account Get the Love it Deserves?

We love finding solutions to businesses PPC profitability issues. We won’t hold back our advanced strategies, even for smaller accounts, and we work with you to create a budget that targets your ideal customers.

Our scheduled workflow allows us to optimize and test your account regularly, and it’s a system that doesn’t neglect anyone.

What are We Going to Do to Optimize Your Account on a Monthly Basis?

On a monthly basis, your manager will:

  • Conduct a search query report, sifting through the queries your ads serve to find unwanted search terms as well as targeting opportunities.
  • Conduct bidding optimizations to make sure that your ads are spending within your target budget.
  • Create a report that details what your account has accomplished for the month in an understandable way.

Your manager will continuously monitor your account for opportunities and negative trends on a day-to-day basis. This analysis coupled with the monthly reviews will guide our testing and suggestions for what we should do next to increase your account’s performance.

How Long Has Our PPC Agency Been Around?

We’ve been around since 2008 (our LinkedIn can confirm). Collectively, we have over 25 years of digital marketing experience and you can find the team in downtown Vancouver—535 Thurlow to be exact. You can find some of our reviews on Google+.

How Many People Are In Our Organization?

There are currently 5 of us working in the office, but we’re always looking to expand our team and improve our PPC management so that number may increase soon. You can learn more about the team on our “About Us” page.

What Kind of Credentials and References Can We Give You?

Vantage is listed in the Google Partners Directory.

You can see our gallery of clients here. We’re also more than happy to get you in touch with a current or former client. Submit a contact form with your request, or send an email if you’re already in contact with us.

Can You Talk To Previous Clients We Have Worked With?

Of course! While you’re free to do some detective work on your own, we can always try to help you get in touch with a former client that had PPC problems and goals similar to yours.

Submit a contact form with your request, or send an email if you’re already in contact with us.

Do We Have PPC Resources?

If you’re interested in learning about more in-depth approaches to digital marketing, we have many resources available on our website:

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