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Credibility, Summer Reads, Video Dates & More – May Recap

A New Month

Well, there goes May.

Bon voyage you often surprisingly sunny and glorious month. Vancouver has been having some pretty fantastic weather and we’re not complaining. Lunches have been spent outside enjoying food trucks and take out, and sometimes, if we’re diligent, home made meals.

It’s been a busy month of social media activity and if you haven’t been able to keep up, this post is for you.


A recap of all the juicy Vantage Search Marketing social media:

What Are Your Credentials?

User reviewing a business, establishing its credibility

Sourced from original post by Marcus Miller

As the online world becomes more and more saturated with competition, how do businesses stay ahead?

By being credible. Consumers look for the advice of other consumers. Ensuring that there are substantial foundations for trust when a person visits your website are key for success in the online landscape.

In an informative piece by Marcus Miller, the “three stages of credibility” are outlined.

Read more here:

Summer Reads

Girl reading the Harvard online syllabi

Need a book for the summer? Lauren Pedigo at Hubspot has created a list of 11 books sourced from Harvard Business’s online syllabi. Focusing on leadership, these books might just give you that extra inspirational oomph for the rest of the year.

See the list here:

Ever wondered what Google looked like in 2005?

What YouTube looked like in 2005

Neither did we, but the handy webarchive tool shows us anyway. It’s pretty entertaining as there are options for what gender you are as well as for what gender you are seeking. Could a homemade video platform work for dating? Probably one day, but it seems YouTube made the right decision (they’re rolling in it).

Explore other websites with the nifty browsing tool:

75% of Google’s mobile revenue comes from Apple

A somewhat surprising piece of data was revealed in a report conducted by Goldman Sachs. Greg Sterling explores the implications of this percentage in his piece on Search Engine Land.

Google had just over $59 billion in ad revenues for 2014 based on the company’s 10-K filing. That would mean, if the Goldman estimates are right, that about 20 percent of Google’s revenue is coming from mobile search ads and about $8.8 billion from iOS devices.”

What kind of control does this give to Apple? How will the two technological giants move forward with their relationship? Will world war three be fought between Apple and Google? Probably not, but the other two questions are valid.

Read the full article here:

Vancouver named most boring city

Fireworks in Vancouver are not boring

Look at those fireworks, how could you call those boring?

In a single sentence, Economist blogger, Gulliver, condemned Vancouver to the title of “mind-numbingly boring.”

Vancouverites and many pronvincialites raised their voices in outrage. Mayor Gregor Robertson responded, “adventure is in our DNA.” It was a blow that seemed to have struck true. But this raises the question, if Vancouver got so much excitement from defending its exciting-ness, and if it felt it had to, could Vancouver actually be boring? The other cities thrown in with the insult were Vienna and Geneva, who seem to have been rather indifferent to Gulliver’s invective.

Read Gulliver’s piece here:

Read the Globe and Mail’s response with Gregor Robertson here:

Vantage Out!

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