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Common Social Media Scams & Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Customers & Yourself Safe

We’ve been working with a number of our clients, providing them with awareness and actionable steps they can take against the rise of social media scams. In particular, we’ve been alerting our clients about a scammer impersonating Meta Business Support. They’ve been sending our clients messages, claiming they need login credentials in order to resolve an issue with the account. Let’s look at the typical scams that are currently circulating, as well as what you can do to help protect your business, your customers and yourself.

Common Facebook Scams Targeting Businesses & Their Customers

A particular scam we’ve seen our clients experience first-hand is a scammer impersonating Facebook using social hacking, in an attempt to steal login credentials via Facebook Messenger and emails. Here’s an article describing this type of scam in more detail.

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The Latest Social Media Scams and How to Identify

Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Customers & Yourself Safe:

  1. Regardless of what a scammer is claiming, first, do NOT click on any link they have provided you with.
  2. Do not download files or software coming from people you don’t know.
  3. Don’t answer/report messages that ask for your password, social insurance number or financial information.
  4. Do your own research by digging into your Facebook account directly, logging in to your admin page to view any errors or issues with your page.
  5. For businesses, you can enable Business notifications, so you’ll be alerted of any changes happening within your Meta Business Manager Account. More here.

For Additional Security:

  1. Use a password manager, such as LastPass, as it won’t enter your credentials into a fake site.
  2. Use a hardware security key, such as the LastPass Authenticator app, which is used as a 2nd form of authentication or as a Multi-Factor Authentication.
  3. Use trusted antivirus software and remember that it’s important to keep this software up to date and scan your devices for malware regularly.

Here’s MORE on avoiding scams on Facebook, as well as how to report a fake Facebook account or page.

In conclusion, we all have or will be at some point, the object of someones’ social media scam. The good news is that because it’s so common, there are lots of resources out there on how to protect yourself and your business against these fraudulent actions. Karma, anyone??

9 PPC Advertising Trends, Tricks & More – Vantage May Recap

PPC advertising is fast. We’re dedicated to staying on top of the search engine industry, and we want you to stay on top too (both on knowledge and your position on the search results page)

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Vancouver PPC agency Vantage Search Marketing Social Update

A Recap of Recent Social Media

This recap should help you find some of our informative social media updates. Vantage Search Marketing is dedicated to staying on top of the PPC industry, and we want you to stay on top too.

Our posts will help you stay PPC relevant. If you have anything you’d like to say or make us say feel free to hit us up on one of our social media channels listed below.
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Vancouver PPC Agency

February Social Media from Vantage Search

February’s been a while gone, but we didn’t forget about our social media. And you shouldn’t either, below are some of the highlights. Get informed and stay PPC relevant with us–and if you have anything you think we should cover, feel free to message or tag us on social media.
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Vantage Christmas Party

December Update from Vantage Social

We’ve made it through another holiday season, some of us with Christmas sweaters and others without. But all in all, we feel that the closing weeks of 2015 were a success, and we hope that everyone else enjoyed their final moments of the year as well. Now we look forward to a new year full of new challenges and experiences that’ll make us a stronger PPC agency.

Vantage is resolved to increasing and improving the PPC success stories we write for 2016. What’re your new years resolutions?

As always, here are some of our social media highlights (follow us to keep on top of the PPC industry):
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Vantage Social Media for November

Back with another social recap. Things are getting busy at the office as campaigns ramp up for the holiday season. Being busy is never a bad thing for us and we’re excited to see what our work achieves for our clients in the final push of the year.

As always, here are some highlights from the last month of social activity:
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October Updates from Vantage PPC

Take a break and relive some sharing memories with us.

October has passed and we’re here to reflect on what we shared with the world during the month. But first, are you ready for the holiday season? Your marketing better be getting into holiday hustle and bustle. Scroll down to our Facebook section to find out how to achieve holiday Zen with PPC.

Our social media is dedicated to keeping followers informed on important PPC developments. So, if you’re interested in improving your PPC and staying on top of digital advertising trends, don’t hesitate to follow us on one of our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+)

Occasionally we share some humorous stuff as well, like this ad from Denmark

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A New PPC Year

Happy Belated New Year!

With the holidays long since past and the exciting challenges of a new year in full sway, Vantage Search Marketing is busy, busy, busy. Our clients’ budgets are increasing, the client roster is increasing, and we’re loving it. This busyness doesn’t prevent us from enjoying some of the perks of the business, though: Steve and Kevin are away heli-skiing with some help from our courteous and generous clients, Revelstoke Mountain Resort and their heli-skiing specialists, Selkirk Tangiers. This video gives you an idea of just how epic this adventure is:
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Social Conscious Internet Marketing

As an internet marketing company in Vancouver, you don’t often come across a project that actually tries to make the world a better place, but I think I have found one. Sumaq Rugs is a company based in Vancouver that sells custom alpaca rugs from Peru. The thing that makes them unique is that the rugs are made the traditional way by using looms and 5% of every sale goes directly back into the weavers community.

When I talked to the owner’s Collis Verdicchio and Derek Beech, I asked them how they work the logistics of finding these families. They said that it was difficult finding Peruvian families with looms because only the wealthier families could afford them. There are no large manufacture plants for these rugs to be produced in, as they are all produced in family run workshops. Sumaq’s program is designed to increase the number of looms in each village. However, this would seem like a good business investment if it wasn’t for the fact that they pay “living wages”. This means that all the weavers are paid fare prices which allows them to provide for their families.

Another factor that makes this program a real success is the fact that it allows families to stay together. If these weavers didn’t have their own workshops they would be forced to leave their families and work at low paying manufacturing jobs in the large cities.

Getting back to the internet marketing side of things, for this project we are pushing social media, article submissions  with a small PPC campaign to try to get the word out about this awesome socially conscious company. I have only just begun on this project but I will keep everyone posted on their progress.