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Picture of Vancouver, home of Vantage Search Marketing

The Social Media Happenings of July

We’re back with another social recap. Before we get into it, let’s talk about office life in July.

We worked hard and enjoyed some play as well. Canada day started things off, fireworks, drinks, and sun ushering in July. Later in the month, Kevin and I went to Pemberton Music Festival, where the sun, dust, and lack of water had us thinking we were in a reenactment of the latest Mad Max movie. Other, more respectable members of the team (Steve & Mike), took time off to spend with loved ones in the sun.

the SEMPO logo, where Vantage guest blogged
Before we get into our own blog, we have a neat announcement to make: an article of Steve’s was published in SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.

Read the article here.
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The Incredible World of Paid Search Marketing

What is Paid Search and Why is it so Effective?

What is Paid Search Marketing?

Paid search marketing refers to any marketing that shows up via search engine networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., that are paid for by businesses. Read more

Vantage team member, Kevin Clark, at HeroConf 2015 by PPC hero

My Trip to HeroConf 2015: PPC in Portland

It has been a week since my journey to Portland for the 2015 Hero Conference. If you don’t know, no, it’s not a celebration of the best and brightest Marvel or DC superheroes. It’s actually a celebration of the best and brightest PPC heroes, taking its name from the PPC resource repository, ppchero.com. The self-proclaimed “unapologetically PPC conference series” is a three-year-running event dedicated to discussion and innovation in the PPC industry.

Last year, Steve and I attended HeroConf 2014 in Austin, Texas. I’d be without my partner in crime this time around, but I had his full blessing, and was looking forward to HeroConf 2015.
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Vantage Contributes to Bing’s “Cross-Border E-Commerce in Canada” White Paper

Bing approached Vantage to contribute to their “Cross-border E-commerce in Canada” white paper. Myself along with 4 other e-commerce PPC experts from across Canada, Europe and the US were asked to come up with 9 tips for cross-boarder success.

One of our recommendations for success in Canada was:

We recommend segmenting your Canada campaigns from
US campaigns. One of our sustainable living e-commerce
clients saw a 63% lower CPA and a 87% higher ROI in their
Canada campaigns compared to their US campaigns.

The white paper can be downloaded here:


Hopefully this white paper is a sign that Bing is thinking of expanding their shopping campaigns into Canada. As of right now you can only use Bing Ads shopping campaigns in the US.