facebook ads and google adwords

What’s the Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Ads?

Facebook Ads and Google Ads both offer businesses great opportunities for reaching customers.

We’ve all seen ads in our Facebook feeds and our Google searches, but what’s the difference between them?

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Vantage Sponsors a Mastermind Talks Event Featuring Tim Ferriss

Vantage was approached by the Mastermind Talks team to manage their online advertising and co-sponsor an event. Their “Healthy Wealthy and Wise Entrepreneur Event” features 15 world class speakers including: Tim Ferriss, Marc Ecko, James Atlucher and many more. The event will take place over a 2 day period from May 23rd to 24th, in Toronto.

The coolest part about this event is that they are going to give $25,000 to the speaker with the best talk. Not that these speakers need any incentive to provide a talk with impact, but a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone.

If you are in the Toronto area or have air miles saved up I would highly recommend going to this event. For more information check out MastermindTalks.com.

Best Pay Per Click Networks

So if you are not sure which pay per click networks to advertise on or even start with, this post should help.

Google Adwords Search

By far the biggest and in many respects best PPC Network is Google Adwords. Your ads can run beside relevant search result or on the Display network where your ads will show on other people’s websites. The disadvantage with Adwords is that it has the highest amount of competition right so you will end up paying a higher cost per click than on other networks.

Vancouver Pay Per Click recommends starting with Adwords for search first. The amount of  traffic is high and very targeted which helps with testing keywords and ad copy.  Within 4 of 6 weeks of advertising on Adwords search you will have enough historical data to build out your account. I have seen accounts go from 1 campaign with a few hundred keywords to 20 campaigns with tens of thousands of keywords in as little as a month. The first month requires a lot of work and expertise to prevent you from going in the wrong direction.

Adcenter & YSM

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