How Bing Ads Can Improve Your PPC Advertising

Most businesses know what Google Ads is, what its strengths and weaknesses are, but many don’t know about PPC advertising on Bing Ads.

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Vantage Contributes to Bing’s “Cross-Border E-Commerce in Canada” White Paper

Bing approached Vantage to contribute to their “Cross-border E-commerce in Canada” white paper. Myself along with 4 other e-commerce PPC experts from across Canada, Europe and the US were asked to come up with 9 tips for cross-boarder success.

One of our recommendations for success in Canada was:

We recommend segmenting your Canada campaigns from
US campaigns. One of our sustainable living e-commerce
clients saw a 63% lower CPA and a 87% higher ROI in their
Canada campaigns compared to their US campaigns.

The white paper can be downloaded here:

Hopefully this white paper is a sign that Bing is thinking of expanding their shopping campaigns into Canada. As of right now you can only use Bing Ads shopping campaigns in the US.

SEMPO Event Vancouver 2013

Vantage attended the SEMPO event in Vancouver on May 14th, 2013. It was our first time attending the event and it was great. It is a refreshing change to actually be able to walk to a search marketing conference, instead of having to cross the border or hop on a plane.

The event was sponsored by Bing Ads, who demo-ed a few new betas. One of the betas was a new visual keyword distribution tool. The tool allows you to see how your keywords are distributed for any given metric. The filtering capabilities of this tool are very cool because you can literally slide a bar up and down your keyword distribution to set the threshold for filtering. For example, if you wanted to see all keywords that had 3 or more conversions, a CPA lower than $50, a position worse than 3.0 and 200 or more clicks in the past 30 days this would be as easy as moving 4 sliders in each of the metric windows.










Overall it was a really great event and we look forward to attending next year…

Microsoft Adcenter is Now Bing Ads

It is official, Microsoft Adcenter is now Bing Ads. The new name is a bit misleading because if you advertise with Bing your ads will show on Bing and Yahoo search networks. Yahoo and Bing joined forces a few years ago to try to take market share away from Google. This merger did not really add up for some of the clients that I was working with at the time. One client was getting 15% of his conversions from Yahoo and another 5% from Bing. When they merged together, only 12% came from both Yahoo and Bing. It was disappointing to say the least and I still don’t know where the missing 8% went.

Anyways Bing Ads provides a really good return on investment compared to Google. There is just less competition on Bing, so you pay less per click. If you are US advertising I would highly recommend running Bing ads as the traffic is pretty good. In Canada, Bing is hardly worth running because it doesn’t get enough traffic. That being said it is really easy to import your campaigns over from Google Adwords. So give Bing Ads a try.