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The Vantage Buzz – September 2019

Hi, We’ve just released a mini-guide on social media comment etiquette for your brand. Brush up! We’d also like to forewarn our clients and friends that Steve’s partner, Jordana, is away for work for two weeks this month, enjoying the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka. So, if he’s a bit slower than usual, […]

The Vantage Buzz – August 2019

Hi, We’ll jump right into an update from Google: you’re going to need to enable 2-step authentication on the account you use to sign in to Google Ads, so, if you don’t have it set up, you might as well set it up now, before you’re locked out. Here’s a link to do so. And here’s […]

The Vantage Buzz – July 2019

Hi, Happy July! We hope Prime Day went well for all of our fellow Amazonians. Also, an update on the responsive search ad warning we gave last month: they weren’t made the default in July, but they will be at some point in the future. Apparently, there was enough pushback from advertisers to keep Google […]

The Vantage Buzz – June 2019

Hi, We’ve got an unofficial secret to share with you this month: Google’s default ad type is changing to Responsive Search Ads in July. There’s been no official announcement, so don’t sue us if this isn’t the whole truth, but a little bird told us that this is where Google’s moving for ad types. In light […]

The Vantage Buzz – May 2019

Hi, May’s brought a lot of sun to Vancouver and we’re not complaining. It’s also brought the annual Google marketing live event. We’ve got links to a couple of the shiny new features revealed by the advertising giant below, but you can register and gain access to the material yourself here. Business: ou just might be […]

The Vantage Buzz – April 2019

Hi, Happy April. This month, we’re wishing our PPC manager Roxanne safe and happy travels as she’s off to her native Netherlands to visit family and friends. Below, a few links we think worth your time: Business: Do you or your employees work from home? Do you or your employees ever find themselves a little […]

The Vantage Buzz – March 2019

Hi, March is bringing us days above 10 degrees Celsius here in Vancouver and there’s even some sunshine to boot! The Vantage team’s been busy helping our clients find growth with new initiatives for 2019, so if you’ve got any more ideas, we’re ready and in the Spring planting mindset. Below, a few links we […]

The Vantage Buzz – February 2019

Hi, February’s brought a lot of snow to Vancouver and while we can’t quite ski to work, we are looking at the freshly-powdered mountains eagerly. We’ve been working on a new video that you can watch here!  We’ve also been eagerly working on campaigns for 2019, so if you’ve got a new idea or something we […]

The Vantage Buzz – January 2019

Hi, Happy belated New Year. We hope your resolutions are working out, both personal and business related. We’ve had a busy January ourselves, but we’re excited to continue strengthening existing partnerships, forge new ones, and develop ourselves and our team in 2019. Also, here’s a still from our latest film shoot (good things are being […]