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The Vantage Buzz – September 2023

Hi, Happy Fall! With the arrival of this season comes the swift reality that the 2023 holiday season will be upon us in a flash. First up on the holiday season calendar… Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Doing the prep for a sale ad campaign is just as (if not more) important as the ad […]

The Vantage Buzz – August 2023

Hi, With Summer coming to a close and back-to-school being right around the corner, social media scammers are back-at-it as well. In particular, we’ve been alerting our clients about a scammer impersonating Meta Business Support. They are sending our clients messages, claiming they need login credentials in order to resolve an issue with the account. First, […]

The Vantage Buzz – July 2023

Hi, As we approach August, we get reminded that September and back-to-school/Labour Day is right around the corner. We’re starting to plan with our clients on how to best transition from the slower Summer months into the next season, and we ask the question… do you have a social media marketing strategy? As brands continue […]

The Vantage Buzz – June 2023

Hi, We hope you’re enjoying your Summer so far. This is an important reminder that Google Analytics Universal will cease to collect new data as of July 1st! However, you will continue to have access to its data for at least 6 months. We intend on offering more guidance and recommendations on the data export […]

The Vantage Buzz – May 2023

Hi, In May we celebrated mom, and according to one of the largest online flower delivery services, UrbanStems, it recorded its highest day for revenue… EVER this month. Find out what types of website optimizations the company performed, which can be attributed to its incredibly successful month HERE. There might be some key takeaways you can […]

The Vantage Buzz – April 2023

Hi, April 22nd was Earth Day! Find out what one of the founders of this annual environmental event has to say about today’s Earth Day message HERE. Your monthly ad-Vantage reading below: Business: Put your reader first by choosing the right content recommendation strategy for your website. Top 3D virtual influencers have well over 1 […]

The Vantage Buzz – February 2023

Hi, We’re still in the thick of Winter, but with Spring right around the corner, how are you preparing your business for the season change? Learn how seasonal marketing can benefit your business. Your monthly ad-Vantage reading below: Business: Modern marketing is all about building trust with data ethics. HERE are 3 ways you can do that. Also, […]

The Vantage Buzz – January 2023

Hi, We hope 2023 has been good to you so far! HERE are some marketing trends to look out for this year. As consumers simplify their choices, we’re ready for the challenges that come along with pivots to ad-supported streaming, alternative measurement currencies and new social platforms. Your monthly ad-Vantage reading below: Business: What is a marketing automation platform? […]