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The Vantage Buzz – May 2024

Hi, Let’s talk activity versus results. Are you of the mindset that consistent activity and hard work in your business are futile unless they yield tangible results? Perhaps you lean towards prioritizing results above all else. Yet, a relentless focus on immediate profitability can foster a negative atmosphere, stifling creativity and experimentation. In fields like […]

The Vantage Buzz – April 2024

Hi, The official sunset of Universal Google Analytics is happening on July 1st! Have you fully migrated to Google Analytics 4 for your online business? If not, it’s critical you move your Universal Analytics properties over to GA4 now, as by July 1st your data will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable. Fortunately, […]

The Vantage Buzz – March 2024

Happy Spring! According to the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), 75% of Canadians express a greater willingness to share their personal data with businesses for marketing purposes when there’s transparency regarding data usage and the ability to adjust preferences over time. Additionally, the association discovered that consumers are significantly less worried about having their information used […]

The Vantage Buzz – February 2024

Hi, Spring’s around the corner according to Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog! Earlier this month he made his prediction that there will be an early spring. Are you ready to change your campaigns and strategies based on the new season that’s fast approaching? We always suggest that by continuing to appeal to your customers, highlighting your […]

The Vantage Buzz – January 2024

Hi, How are you doing so far this New Year? A refreshing new year might be just the right time to ensure your brand is consistent and clear wherever it’s seen, from your website to product labeling to paid advertising. We encourage our clients to be consistent with their physical branding and messaging, which will […]

The Vantage Buzz – December 2023

Hi, As we get close to ringing in the New Year, we start to think about all of the wonderful possibilities 2024 will bring, both personally and professionally. You might ask yourself… how can I work smarter, not harder? You don’t have to cause yourself unnecessary stress trying to come up with an original digital […]

The Vantage Buzz – November 2023

Hi, We’re already right in the thick of the holiday season for our e-commerce clients, and particularly for our American friends, we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did you know that the 5 days around Black Friday are responsible for approximately 4% of the total yearly online customer spend? And post-Black Friday, customers are […]

The Vantage Buzz – October 2023

Hi, Happy Halloween! And now… welcome to the Holiday Season. With more and more potential customers flocking to purchase your product(s) in the coming weeks, we can’t emphasize enough how lifestyle images lead to much higher click-through rates than standard product images. Your potential customers want to actually see your product ‘in action’, rather than […]

The Vantage Buzz – September 2023

Hi, Happy Fall! With the arrival of this season comes the swift reality that the 2023 holiday season will be upon us in a flash. First up on the holiday season calendar… Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Doing the prep for a sale ad campaign is just as (if not more) important as the ad […]

The Vantage Buzz – August 2023

Hi, With Summer coming to a close and back-to-school being right around the corner, social media scammers are back-at-it as well. In particular, we’ve been alerting our clients about a scammer impersonating Meta Business Support. They are sending our clients messages, claiming they need login credentials in order to resolve an issue with the account. First, […]