April Showers (and Vantage Outages)

April was an interesting month this year. It was Vantage’s first month in the new office, and it did not disappoint. We were lucky enough to experience both internet outage and a snow-day equivalent power outage. But neither of those issues has gotten us down. Our new office has so much more space! We’re also exploring the nearby area for lunch spots. Any advice on delicious haunts near 535 Thurlow would be highly appreciated.

The weather was also quite the roller coaster. One day would be warm and lovely and humming with spring, the next would be dreary, grey, and raining with Vancouver spring. We hope May brings flowers. And lots of continued success.

Our Social Recap for April:

Part of a Bing White Paper!

Vantage contributes to Bing Cross Border E-commerce White Paper

Vantage had the privilege of being involved in Bing’s “Cross Border E-Commerce in Canada” white paper. It’s always great to be acknowledged by one of the big guys for your expertise. We hope the piece has been and continues to be informative and helpful.

75 percent of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S.-Canadian border.

Canada’s flow value — its cross-border revenue activity both in and out of the country — is nearly $1.4B USD.

See what we had to contribute and a link to the article here: http://vantagesearch.ca/vantage-contributes-bing-ads-cross-border-e-commerce-canada-whitepaper/

The Ominous “Mobilegeddon”

Mobile phone in hand

Repeated all over the search marketing world, the “Mobilegeddon,” or Google’s updated algorithm for analyzing a sites “mobile-friendliness,” had many marketers scrambling to ensure their websites retained their rankings and performance.

For sites that aren’t mobile friendly, this means a likely drop in traffic from the mobile audience moving forward. For sites that are mobile friendly, this means it’s time to up the game.

It’s great to take precautions, but perhaps the whole Armageddon vibe was a bit much. Two weeks in hindsight, it seems that the mobile optimized sites are performing well, but the world hasn’t fallen apart.

Here’s the original article we posted, including tips on how to deal with the “Mobilegeddon:” http://searchengineland.com/mobilegeddon-today-3-ways-take-mobile-friendliness-next-level-218628

And here’s an article looking at what happened a week after: https://moz.com/blog/day-after-mobilegeddon

Video Marketing Infographic

We also shared a nifty infographic about video marketing by switchvideo viewable here: http://www.switchvideo.com/infographic-basic-facts-of-video/


April 29 is apparently International Dance Day. Wanting to be a part of the movement, we shared this entertaining video by Smart Worldwide:

Twitter has it wrong though because every day is a good day to dance. We hope you dance on into the next month, and remember, keep an eye out for your Vantage point in the search marketing world.

Last month’s recap: http://vantagesearch.ca/march-madness-vantage-moving-edition/