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Vantage Search Expand B2B Advertising with PPC

Expand B2B Advertising with LinkedIn

If you target businesses or working professionals, LinkedIn is the place for your advertisements. Just make sure they’re targeted well.

Learn more by reading the Vantage Search Fundamentals article on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users are using the website to better their network, connect with business contacts, better their careers, explore new job opportunities, and to distract themselves from work for a few minutes. Your advertisements should address these users’ mindset by engaging with them in entertaining and intriguing ways.

Call Tracking PPC Vantage Search

Why Does PPC Advertising Need Call Tracking?

Because everything must be tracked! Knowing what led to what sale helps you make more money. If you know what worked best, like a call, you can focus more of your resources on advertising it. Spending money on what works should be fundamental, but lots of businesses don’t even know what’s working!

Learn how to avoid call tracking ignorance.

The absence of phone call data means that there is no tangible way of associating the value of the phone calls with the PPC that is initiating them. This means that the value of a PPC program becomes severely undervalued as sales and leads gained from phone calls are not rooted in the PPC that began those calls.

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Why Your Competitors are Making More Money Than You

This reality check from Johnathan Dane arms you with information on how to remedy your lack of AdWords competitor awareness, and potentially increase your profitability.

Get back to reality and read it.


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Funky New Toys

Admittedly not PPC related, we just had to share our latest office addition. It’s really starting to look like a sci-fi novel in here. Check out our setup for yourself.


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Co-Branding Success!

What’s better than one brand’s following? Two! Unite your brands and reap the rewards of additional exposure. Incorporating multi-brand partnerships into your advertisements has the potential for wider reach and better engagement. It’s always interesting when Toilet Man teams up with Bathroom Cleaner girl–read the article for actual examples

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