CTA Conference 16 Expert Insights

16 Expert Insights on Conversion Rate Optimization from CTA Conf

Finalizing our CTA Conference recap comes this aggregation of all of our actionable takeaways which should help you with conversion rate optimization.

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of the many brilliant speakers and their breadth of knowledge. We look forward to next year’s conference.

16 Expert Takeaways:

Day 1 of CTA Conference (click here to see the full-post):

1. Oli Gardner: The 5 Second Landing Page Test: In 5 seconds, does a visitor know what the heck your landing page offers them? Focus on clarity.

2. Andy Crestondina: Use the Search Console in Google Analytics to filter for pages and posts on your website that are within ranks 11-22. SEO optimize for the keywords these pages get impressions on.

3. Anum Hussein: Create a “best-of” content email drip campaign for blog subscribers; nurture them like leads.

4. Erin Bury: Put a face to your brand’s materials and consider lunch meetings for more personable relationships.

5. Kevan Lee: Create a free lead generation card in Twitter Ads and then pin it to your Twitter profile for another passive source of lead generation.

Day 2 of CTA Conference (click here to see the full-post):

6. Rand Fishkin: Measure the value of the work you do and reduce the busy work that doesn’t produce substantial results. Uses FitBit as an example of measuring work that actually improves health vs. ambiguous work.

7. Mackenzie Fogelson: Find out what people want from a relationship with your brand by tracking, surveying, and analyzing visitor behavior on your site. Be authentic.

8. Brian Davidson: Start your Facebook Ads campaign with a mobile-oriented wide-reaching click-focused strategy—bring in as many people as you can. Then create conversion optimized remarketing lists with highly targeted, sales/leads focused copy.

9. Mathew Sweezey: Give your website visitors a next step on all of your resources, coax them through your funnel and gauge their actions. Keep your emails in rich text, html stinks of automation.

Day 2 (second half) of CTA Conference (click here to see the full-post):

10. Kristen Craft: Strategize your business video, make it serve the page it’s on. Include a CTA. Use real language for real people and script your videos.

11. Johnathan Dane: Gave us a PPC poop emoji scale. Also encouraged the recording of micro-conversions on your site to get more data on how people navigate your materials such as:

  • Time on site
  • Scroll depth (how far people scroll down a page)
  • From field completions
  • Button clicks

12. Cara Harshman: The universal homepage is dead. Customize your homepage for specific industries/companies/people that you target—create personalized experiences.

13. Aaron Orendorff: Use Buzzsumo to find the best content about your industry and use it to inspire your own critiques or views of the same content and then share it with the publishers and creators of the original content.

14. Hana Abaza: Put CTAs on all of your material, match these CTAs to the stage of the sales funnel the content rests in.

15. Amy Harrison: Use the language of your customers’ reviews or your clients’ testimonials in your copy.

16. Michael Aagaard: Prime the decisions your customers make through your funnel and give them CTAs to move through. If they want to leave, offer them a way out that triggers their fear of what might happen without your product/service.

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